GIA 29.91 Carat Copper Bearing Paraiba Type Tourmaline 14 K White Gold Cocktail Ring

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14K White Gold :12.56gm
Diamond: 2.49ct
Copper Bearing Paraiba Type Tourmaline: 29.91ct
GIA# 6167650033
Tourmaline is ideal for channeling nature's healing power. This breathtaking, magnificent 29.91 carat Copper Bearing Paraiba Type Tourmaline demands to be seen. Its remarkable hue is an incredibly rare green for its massive size. Artfully crafted in 14k white gold and regally crowned with 2.49 carat round cut diamonds, this cocktail ring conjures visions of antiquity and grace. Certified by a GIA gemologist and GIA certified, this a secure purchase; an investment piece ensuring long life.

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