GIA Certified 2.02ct No Heat Ruby 14K Yellow Gold Ring

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14K Yellow Gold Ring / Ruby No Heat 2.02ct / Diamond 0.89ct / GIA # 1408652229               

Ruby is one of the most exquisite varieties of the Corundum mineral species known for its striking appearance and strong metaphysical properties. Ruby has always been defined by a single characteristic – its radiant red color. Like pure blood flowing through the body, its color fills you with a new freshness. It is crafted in 14K yellow gold with 2.02ct sparkling Ruby showing its grace and glory to the whole ring. In addition to that, 0.89ct glittering Diamonds set around a Ruby are thought to be an antidote to poison and provide protection against the plague. This is a classy piece for the wearer to enhance more confidence and inner strength in them.

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