GIA Certified 40ct About No Heat Kashmir Sapphire 14K White Gold Necklace & Earring Set

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14K White Gold / 40ct about Red - Purple No Heat Kashmir Sapphire GIA #2368933833 / 15ct GH VS Clarity Diamonds

Kashmir Sapphires are an extremely rare and exclusive variety of natural sapphires. They originate from the high-altitude and snow-capped valley region in northern India: Kashmir. Kashmir Sapphires are coveted for their distinctive velvety-Color, hazy glow brilliance, scarcity, legends, and persistently strong demand in global markets. Additionally, sapphires from Kashmir are host to a unique category of inclusions (internal characteristics) seldom found in other geographical regions. Due to their unique nature, limited supply, and strong demand, fine-quality sapphires from Kashmir realize the highest price-per-carat among other sapphire varieties and sources. Although other geographical origins for sapphires, such as Burma (Myanmar), Ceylon (Sri Lanka), and Madagascar, produce fine-quality gems and have a larger market share, Kashmir Sapphires remain at the pinnacle as the most expensive sapphires in the world. A powerful tool for stimulating the root chakra and bringing additional life force into one's being, outstanding.

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