GIA Certified Oval Shape Natural Opal

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GIA Certified 3.96 carats Oval Shape Natural Opal 16.16 x 11.08 x 3.95 mm GIA #2225851161


3.96 carats is a sizeable amount for an opal, and if it exhibits exceptional color, clarity, and play of color, it could be quite valuable. Opals can have a variety of other body colors, such as black, grey, and yellow, but the term "natural white" typically refers to opals with white body color. Opals have a Mohs hardness range of only 5.5–6.5, making them a relatively soft gemstone. Care should be taken when handling and cleaning them because they can be vulnerable to cracking, chipping, and damage from heat and chemicals. The natural white opal measuring 3.96 carats and having GIA certification may be a pricey and lovely gemstone.

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