GIA Certified Oval Shape Ruby

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GIA Certified 12.81 carats Oval Shape Ruby 15.52 x 12.24 x 7.10 mm GIA #5221851184 #R259


The 12.81-carat oval-shaped purplish red ruby, which is GIA certified, has a number of exceptional qualities that add to its high value and demand. This ruby's uncommon and sought-after purplish-red color, which is brought on by the presence of both chromium and iron in the crystal lattice structure of the stone, is one of its most distinctive features. In the world of gemstones, this color is highly prized and increases the stone's value significantly. The stone's oval shape is a traditional cut that is prized for its symmetry and elegance. It also maximises the stone's carat weight, giving the impression that it is even larger. It's a rare and expensive gemstone.

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