GIA Certified Round Shape No Heat Natural Star Ruby

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GIA Certified 9.09 carats Round Shape No Heat Natural Star Ruby 10.65 x 10.48 x 8.40 mm GIA #6227851144 #R300


The gem exhibits a distinctive natural star effect brought on by astrism. This indicates that a six-rayed star appears to float magically across the stone's surface when observed under a single light source of the stone when observed under a single source of light. Due to its symmetry and beauty, the round shape is a traditional cut for gemstones. This ruby, which weighs 9.09 carats, is a sizeable stone and is highly prized in the gemstone industry. The 9.09 carat round shape no heat natural star ruby, which is GIA certified, is a remarkable gemstone that combines rarity, beauty, and quality. It is an extremely sought-after addition to any gemstone collection due to its natural star effect, GIA certification, and substantial carat weight.

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