GIA Certified Hand Crafted 5.30ct Natural Emerald 18K White Gold Ring

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5.30ct Natural Emerald F2 / 10.55gm 18K White Gold / 1.90ct Diamond EF Color VVS Quality / GIA # 6214156221

This Heart shaped 5.30ct natural Emerald is a gemstone of the goddess Venus, purveyor of love and hope. This tiny piece of stone is so beautiful that it looks as if someone has rolled a green sheet. Wearing Emerald enhances the intellectual capacity of a person. It can also be beneficial for skin disease, disorders of the nervous system and problems related to the brain. It is the epitome of prosperity and wealth. Warmly mounted in 14k white gold and magnificently surrounded by 1.90ct diamond which becomes a beauty intensifier. This ring is an adequate buy for defining glare.

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