GIA 26ct Approx Round Emerald 18K White Gold Pendant

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18k white gold 18gm / 26ct approx round emerald centre /  Yellow diamond round 2.53ct VS / Emerlad Round 2.61ct VS / White diamond 3.06ct EF VVS / GIA # 2203553831
Known as a life-affirming 26ct round Emerald center opens the heart chakra and calms the emotions. It brings forth inspiration, balance, wisdom, and patience. Designed in warm 18k white gold, This glittering display of 2.53ct yellow diamond adds a welcoming sense of warmth and is a good investment because of the trends towards colored jewelry which make them more in demand with twinkling 2.61ct round Emerald bestowing the ability to predict future events. The pendant is brightened by a glittering 3.06ct round cut Diamond that has a positive impact on both personal and professional life.

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