GIA Certified 15.87 ct Spessartine Garnet Octagonal

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GIA Certified 15.87 ct Spessartine Garnet Octagonal 16.95 x 11.25 x 7.22 mm GIA #6224661926 #MG9

This Spessartine Garnet is a large and valuable gemstone that weighs an impressive 15.87 carats. The garnet has an intense reddish-orange hue because of the high manganese concentration in its crystal structure, which gives it its distinctive color. The spessartine garnet is renowned for its stunning orange-red hue. Particularly eye-catching is the octagonal cut of this gemstone, which features sharp angles and straight lines. It is believed that spessartine garnet has healing properties that boost self-confidence, creativity, and energy levels. This Spessartine Garnet will undoubtedly be something to treasure for any gemstone enthusiast.

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