GIA Certified 2.07 ct Natural Sapphire Octagonal

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GIA Certified 2.07 ct No Heat Natural Sapphire Octagonal 7.64 x 5.72 x 4.57 mm GIA #5221663857

In addition to being a stunning stone, the 2.07ct No Heat Octagonal Natural Greenish Blue Sapphire has significant significance in the field of gemology. Due to its rare combination of green and blue tones, this sapphire is one of a kind in terms of color. The fact that this sapphire is a "no heat" gemstone, which means that it has not undergone any artificial treatment to improve its color or clarity, is a fascinating aspect of it. The octagonal shape of this sapphire is another intriguing feature. Due to their rarity, octagonal gemstones have angular facets that give them a distinctive look and brilliant sparkle. It is a very valuable and prized possession because of its rarity, natural beauty, and distinctive shape.

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