GIA Certified 2.58 ct Natural Sapphire Oval

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GIA Certified 2.58 ct No Heat Natural Sapphire Oval 8.89 x 6.79 x 4.52 mm mm GIA #6224663832   In the world of fine jewelry, the 2.58ct oval-shaped purplish pink sapphire is a rare and highly prized gemstone. It is highly sought-after by collectors and connoisseurs due to its distinctive combination of color, clarity, and size. Since ancient times, sapphires have been prized for their beauty and tenacity and have been used in a variety of cultural and religious settings. Sapphires were used in traditional medicines because it was thought they had healing properties. They were linked to divine favor, wisdom, and protection. The 2.58ct oval-shaped purplish pink sapphire is frequently used in high-end jewelry designs as a symbol of luxury and elegance.

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