GIA Certified 9.79 ct Spessartine Garnet Cushion

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GIA Certified 9.79 ct Spessartine Garnet Cushion 12.86 x 11.26 x 7.27 mm GIA #5221661930 #MG7


A gemstone specimen that is truly exceptional and uncommon is the Spessartine Cushion Garnet. Due to its striking color, sizable size, and distinctive cut, it stands out among gemstone enthusiasts and collectors. Spessartine garnet is believed to have healing properties that include fostering self-assurance, enhancing creativity, and boosting energy. It is also asserted to have calming effects on the body and mind that help reduce stress and anxiety. Large and pricey, this Spessartine Cushion Garnet measures an impressive 9.79 carats. The intense colour of this gemstone is due to its high manganese content, which gives it an orange-red hue.

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