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GIA CERTIFIED 7.02ct & 8.23ct ROYAL BLUE Sapphire 11.09x10.31x6.37mm & 10.94x10.53x7.78mm Match Pair GIA #5171897890 & 2171475508


A gemstone that radiates luxury, elegance, and regality is the royal blue sapphire. Its striking blue coloring distinguishes it from other types of sapphire and makes it a highly sought-after gemstone in the jewelry industry. Because of its exceptional durability, the GIA Certified 7.02ct and 8.23ct Cushion Shaped Royal Blue Sapphire is a great option for jewelry that will be worn frequently. The Royal Blue Sapphire has a distinguished past and is frequently connected to aristocracy and nobility. It has been used in jewelry for many years, and because of its beauty and scarcity, it has come to represent wealth, status, and authority.

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