51ct Emerald 14K White Gold Necklace

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14k White Gold Emerald Necklace:40.85 grams / Diamond:2.44ct / Emerald (Small):2.00ct / Emerald (Big):51.00ct /#GVN1431 *In ancient lore, Emeralds are believed to be stones of ressurection, bringing joy and even bestowing the gift of prophecy. This show-stopping necklace features a breathtaking display of gorgeous green 51.00 carat round shape and 2.00 carat oval shape very well cut Emeralds. Delicately interwoven with twinkling 2.44 carat Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds it is sure to fascinate and amaze, invoking images of antiquity and grace. Warmly crafted in 14k white gold and Certified by a GIA gemologist, this necklace is an investment piece; a secure purchase ensuring long life.*

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